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Car Detailing Services: Welcome

OCDetailing Essex offers a first-class mobile valeting service in Essex and surrounding areas to your home or work.

Our vehicle is fully kitted with its own electric and water supply.

We ensure we always carry the best in care products so we can keep delivering our really high standards.

Polishing Car
Car Dashboard

Mobile Car Detailing

Your car will be expertly cleaned inside and outside to a very high standard using the leading car care products.

We treat your car as if it were our own, including prewashes and snow foam to remove/loosen dirt, grit guard buckets to ensure we don't create swirl marks whilst washing, drying with a microfibre cloth to remove any watermarks, full vacuuming, all rubbish removed, glass cleaned both inside and out, and wax added for a great finish.

We carry our own water and electric supply onboard and can visit you both at work or at home.

Upholstery Cleaning

With the best care vehicle upholstery gets tired and dirty with general use our upholstery service is great for removing stains and dirt from your vehicle's fabric. We use a pre-soak to get the best results and use PH-neutral products.

Leather Car Interior

Leather cleaning and care

Our complete leather cleaning service includes brushing all seats and upholstery with a brush to remove any debris, we then use a high-quality leather cleaner to help keep your leather healthy and prevent your leather from cracking. Finally, we add a leather balm to help protect your leather for longer.

Buffing a Car

Machine polishing / Paint Enhancement

The machine polishing and paint enhancement service includes a full safe wash and decontamination using PH-neutral products, clay bar, plush towel and air drying, full stage 1 correctional polish, trims restored and polished, headlights and exhaust tips polished.

Graphite Coatings

Wax with long-lasting effects for water beading and shine can be used on the body and wheels to get a great, long-lasting finish. The graphite coating has the added benefit of a slight paint contamination barrier for future road dirt and grime.

Soft Top Audi

Soft top cleaning and protection

If your soft top has lost its curb appeal then our soft top cleaning and protection service is for you. We remove all stains and algae that grow on your soft fabric roof. Once cleaned fully we use a spray added for protection.

Mobile car detailing
Upholstery cleaning
Leather cleaning
Machine polishing
Graphite coatings
Soft top cleaning

In need of a mobile car valeter in Essex?

OCDetailing Essex can detail both cars and motorbikes in Essex and surrounding areas.

Call us today to get booked in on 07539 781445.

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